ANIMATE - New service for exchanging knowledge and expertise among younger employees/unemployed people and retired people or workers approaching retirement with the objective of making the most of older workers’ experience.

ANIMATE aims to address one of the main problems of inter-generational learning: the loss of knowledge by failing to transfer the experience of the older generation to the younger generation and vice versa. ANIMATE seeks to optimise the beneficial effects that meaningful occupation can have on individual health and wellbeing. It also highlights the important role of qualified older adults in the labour market by harnessing their comprehensive knowledge and experience.

Increasingly in a care setting workers are having to support people with complex behaviour issues caused by such conditions as Dementia. In these cases an understanding of how best to communicate and respond to individuals to alleviate anxieties is crucial. Experience is the key here, it is very difficult to "teach" this aspect of care in a theoretical way. Animate is exploring how to use the potential for Google Glass to enable experiential learning in different care settings to take place to address this growing issue