ANIMATE Fifth GA Meeting in Thurrock (7th-8th June)

The fifth GA meeting of ANIMATE was held last 7th and 8th June in Thurrock (UK). In this meeting, that was hosted by TCO, very important aspects were addressed such as the functionalities to be included in the final prototype of ANIMATE and the future exploitation of the results of the project.

The first day meeting started with a general review of the project status; this session was followed by an overview of the functionalities included in prototype 2, from both a technical and for use point of view on the part of end users, TCO and IRBLL.

This review allowed defining several improvements, that together with the functionalities envisaged for prototype 3, will drive to the final solution of the project; this includes, as main functionality, the introduction of companies within the platform. Finally, this intensive session was ended with a discussion about ideas and opportunities for the exploitation of ANIMATE by the Consortium members.

The second day meeting was more dynamic than the first one. Within it, possible potential clients from the Thurrock Council as well as TimeBanking and health associations, like The Health Exchange in UK, participated in a workshop where they exposed the current challenges they face in their daily work and how ANIMATE could benefit them.

This fifth meeting consisted of two intensive meeting days where the functionalities and future developments for the final prototype of ANIMATE were established and where the basis for the future exploitation and business model of ANIMATE were set.

fifth meeting in Thurrockfifth meeting in Thurrock