ANIMATE Sixth GA Meeting in Coventry (10th-11th November)

The sixth GA meeting of ANIMATE was held last 10th and 11th November in Coventry (UK). In this meeting, that was hosted by ELS, very important aspects were addressed such as an overview of the developments and scheduling for deployment and validation of the third prototype as well as other aspects regarding exploitation and dissemination of the project.

The first day meeting started with a general review of the project status; this session was followed by an overview of the functionalities currently included in the first sprint of prototype 3, from both a technical and for use point of view on the part of end users, TCO and IRBLL.

This review allowed defining h several improvements, that together with the functionalities envisaged for the second sprint of prototype 3, drive to the final solution of the project; this includes, as main functionalities: augmented reality app, semantic searches, videoconference over WebRTC and security content filter. This session ended with an overview of the validation performed for second prototype as well as setting the schedule for third and final prototype testing.

The second day meeting was more focused on activities related to dissemination and exploitation of ANIMATE. The session was initiated with an overview of all dissemination activities performed so far as well as an analysis of the second iteration of the Market Analysis and Business Plan.

The main action performed during this day was the scope of an agreement for the exploitation of the results of the project. Although agreement was not achieved, partners set the basis of the agreement that will be decided through voting.

This fifth meeting consisted of two intensive meeting days were the developments, deployment and validation of the third prototype were scheduled and where the basis for the future exploitation and business model of ANIMATE were set.