Final Meeting of ANIMATE (16th-17th March)

Last 16th and 17th of March, the final meeting of ANIMATE was held in Madrid (Spain). The meeting, that was hosted by HIB, aimed to determine the current state of the project as well as the organization of the administrative and exploitation tasks needed to successfully close the project.

The first day meeting started with a general review of the project status and the administrative tasks required to close the project. After this review, a review and validation of the functionalities for the final prototype of ANIMATE was performed – from both a technical and ANIMATE users and stakeholders-based perspective. The idea was to list the improvements over the final prototype with the aim of determine which of team are viable and then, invest in them as a way to ensure the success in the commercialization of ANIMATE. In addition, to create, deliver and capture value in the different social and cultural contexts in which ANIMATE takes place, i.e. Spain, UK and Switzerland, each of the partners have contributed to the definition of a general business model for ANIMATE.

The second day meeting was more relaxed. Seeing what lies ahead regarding the preparation of the administrative documentation required by the AAL CMU at project end, partners participated in a “brainstorming” session where each of them pointed out some information that they considered as fundamental and descriptive of ANIMATE.

As main conclusion, the ANIMATE close meeting helped to review the final state of the projects as well as the steps to be taken in the coming months related with the commercialization of ANIMATE.