Now they’re available the first preliminary results of ANIMATE project, please find below the list of public deliverables already available:

D2.1 User Involvement Plan

The purpose of the User Involvement Plan is to elaborate a plan to execute the user involvement activities taking into account the different organizations involved, their localization and differences. The plan identifies:

  1. Different scenarios: formal care, informal care and primary sector
  2. Different sectors of population
  3. Different methodologies to get the “Perspective of the end-users
  4. Expected results
  5. Time plan to meet

The deliverable also specifies the user recruitment criteria, protocols (including informed consent and other ethical legal concerns) and methodological aspects.

D2.2 Use Cases Analysis

This deliverable identifies a set of use cases and usage scenarios for each end-user profile covered by the user involvement plan, i.e. non-experienced and retired or early to retirement people from care, agriculture and industry sector.
It includes a detailed description of typical interaction scenarios among actors and provides typical insights on the service demands and offers search rational that feeds the system design stage.

D2.3 User Requirements Report

This deliverable includes the results of the interviews carried out in Spain and UK to get the first set of initial requirements that drove to the definition of the main functionalities of the ANIMATE platform.

D3.1 Technical Specification Report

This deliverable defines the initial architecture design of the ANIMATE platform in terms of the modules that it supports based on the functional, non-functional and end-users’ requirements. Not only the functionalities of the modules are described but also the technologies used and the interfaces among them; in summary, the overview of the ANIMATE architecture.

D3.2 User Manual

This deliverable constitutes a user manual for the utilization of the ANIMATE platform.

D6.2 Dissemination Plan

To ensure that the Project results are taken up and that the idea reaches a broad audience, a project dissemination plan has been developed to explain how the outcomes of the project will be shared with stakeholders, potential customers, institutions and organizations. Specifically, the dissemination plan explains:

  1. Why - The purpose of the dissemination
  2. What will be disseminated - The message
  3. To whom - The audience
  4. How - The methods

The results of the dissemination plan will be captured in the D6.3 Final Dissemination Report.

D6.3 Final Dissemination Report
This deliverable gathers the results of carrying out the dissemination actions explained in D6.2 Dissemination Plan. It tries to ensure the annually fulfillment of the dissemination plan activities to ensure the appropriate covering of all the dissemination subjects and targets and to enable coherent handling and performing of the dissemination activities from all the partners.