ANIMATE provides a service for exchanging knowledge and expertise among younger employees/unemployed people and retired people or workers approaching retirement with the objective of making the most of older workers’ experience. If you want to access to the service you could register in the following link:

Access to ANIMATE platform

There are different ways of retrieving this knowledge through ANIMATE:

  • Retired people or people approaching retirement, mentor unemployed or young workers by sharing their work based skills and experience – this could range from manual work to highly technical jobs.

  • Companies with a large, young workforce that needs training support, looks for options to train them. Through ANIMATE they could find another company with qualified older employees to train their staff.

  • The older adults participating in ANIMATE benefit by the experience of passing on their knowledge and experience and in return, have the opportunity to learn about new devices and technologies while the company achieves the training and development of its staff.

  • ANIMATE supports the individual matching of experienced workers with unemployed/inexperienced workers/workers looking for new expertise as well as organisation to organisation exchanges.

So, ANIMATE is a tool to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between older professionals and younger or newly employed workers. In this environment, a win-win model will be developed where each end-user (company, retired, older worker, young worker, unemployed) will enjoy a benefit, whether it is a new skill, recognition of experience, new contacts and opportunities.

Increasingly in a care setting workers are having to support people with complex behaviour issues caused by such conditions as Dementia. In these cases an understanding of how best to communicate and react to individuals to alleviate anxieties is crucial. Experience is the key here, it is very difficult to "teach" this aspect of care in a theoretical way. Animate is exploring how to use the potential for Google Glass to enable experiential learning in different care settings to take place to address this growing issue.

In order to achieve the above features ANIMATE comprises the following blocks:






 with an intuitive and easy to use interface in order to allow access to all users;

to enable end-users to publish any type of relevant information related to the demand or offer easily;

in order to match offer with the most tailored demand;

where individuals and companies work is evaluated based on previous trainings;

in order to protect the stored data in the database.